designing your success since 1995      and now in a new location!

Our slogan is more than just that…we not only design your company’s message, but we also continually confer with you in order for your company to be successful.


Professional graphic design is more than just attractive images, text and shapes. It conveys your company’s message to your customers and defines your role in the marketplace.


In these days of SEOs and everything else Internet-centric, we’re not afraid to say we do some things old-school on paper, as our roots in publications, especially newspapers, go back to a junior high school yearbook.


We started the company in 1995 by designing print display advertising, hence the name Ad Type & Design. You name it, we’ve designed it…business cards, postcards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, newspapers, invitations, magazines, posters, T-shirts, ballpark signage, business signage, 3D signage, website artwork, and even an inflatable newsrack.


Please click on the About Us/Contact Us page for a short bio on our principal, Tim Coy, and then contact us at for your next graphic design project!

Our Products

All pricing in catalogs plus appropriate sales tax. Design time is not included in pricing; contact us for a quote!

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Ad Type & Design
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